Glorious Trainwrecks

“It’s about throwing a bunch of random crap into your game and keeping whatever sticks. About bringing back a time when you didn’t care so much about “production values”, as much as ripping sound samples from your favourite television shows to use in your game, or animating pictures of yourself making goofy faces on your webcam. Where every ridiculous idea you had, you would just sit down and code.”

I went to visit an old friend of mine the other week. He has, independently of me, also started making games, although his tastes lie more towards point-and-click adventures. As such, he’s downloaded the fantastic (and free) Adventure Game Studio and started messing around with it.

Him and his girlfriend showed me a game they had made together. It’s called Charlie and Ben go on an Expitition (sic). You play as a toy (Ben) in a bedroom, there is a bed and a jar of jam on the floor and a toy bear by the door (called Charlie). You can walk over to the jam and pick it up and then go over to Charlie (the bear) and ask him what his favourite type of sandwich is (it is jam). They haven’t quite scripted it right however and you just get stuck in a loop endlessly asking Charlie (the bear) where the sandwich making facilities are. That’s it, that’s the entire game.

It was glorious.

Screenshots after the jump.



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